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December Polls: Peace Council Worried Over Limited Registration Chaos

December Polls: Peace Council Worried Over Limited Registration Chaos

  • Category: General
  • Date 15-05-2024

The National Peace Council is urging authorities to swiftly address the recent instances of violence reported at certain registration centres in the ongoing limited voter registration exercise. 

The Council warns that if left unchecked, these incidents could have far-reaching consequences, potentially affecting the credibility of the upcoming December 7 elections.

George Amoh, the Executive Secretary of the Peace Council, underscored the urgency required to address these pockets of violence. 

According to him, immediate action is necessary to prevent any escalation and maintain the peace and stability of the electoral process.

He expressed concern about the implication of these incidents, stating that they send unfavourable signals about the state of Ghana's electoral environment. He stressed the importance of vigilance and proactive measures to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process.

The Executive Secretary called on the Electoral Commission to capitalise on available opportunities to enhance voter participation and registration. 

He emphasized the need for inclusive and transparent processes to ensure that all eligible citizens have the opportunity to register and exercise their democratic rights.

Mr Amoh concluded by urging all stakeholders, including political parties and security agencies, to collaborate closely to address these challenges and uphold the principles of democracy and peace in Ghana's electoral process.

“For us at the peace council, whenever an issue like that comes up, like the one that happened, unfortunately, in some part of the Ashanti Region, are early warning signs, you do not downgrade them.

“You have to carefully assess the potential they have to affect the elections in December. They are signs that we have to sit up but they are not signs to discourage us,” he said.

Source: myjoyonline

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