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Concerned Farmers Association Urges Gov’t To Ban GMO Seeds In Ghana

Concerned Farmers Association Urges Gov’t To Ban GMO Seeds In Ghana

  • Category: General
  • Date 29-05-2024

The Concerned Farmers Association of Ghana (CFAG) has called on the government to ban the use of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) seeds in Ghana and instead promote the use of parent seeds.

"We believe that GMO seeds pose a significant threat to our environment, health, and sovereignty. The long-term effects of GMO seeds on human health and the environment are unknown, and we cannot afford to gamble with the future of our nation.

Furthermore, the use of GMO seeds will lead to the displacement of our traditional seed varieties, which have been developed and nurtured over centuries. This will result in the loss of biodiversity and cultural heritage.

We urge the government to prioritize the use of parent seeds, which are natural, non-patented, and freely reproducible. This will ensure that our farmers have access to affordable and sustainable seeds, and that our nation maintains its seed sovereignty.

We demand that the government:

- Immediately ban the importation and use of GMO seeds
- Support research and development of parent seeds
- Establish a national seed bank to preserve our traditional seed varieties
- Promote agroecology and sustainable agriculture practices

Let us work together to build a Ghana that is food sovereign, environmentally conscious, and committed to the well-being of its citizens", the leadership of the association noted.

Source: Kantanka TV

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