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COA Manufacturing Company Sets The Record Straight On Misuse, Price Variations Of Products

COA Manufacturing Company Sets The Record Straight On Misuse, Price Variations Of Products

  • Category: General
  • Date 14-05-2024

Management of COA Research and Manufacturing Limited  Company has taken the pain to explain to the public how some people misuse its various products and the price variations on the market.

Addressing the media on Tuesday May 14 in Accra, management raised alarm on some pressing issues which could tarnish the image of the company.

The following represents the statement of the president general of COA Manufacturing Limited Company.

"As an innovation professor with a deep passion for advancing natural medicine, I've called this press conference to address some important matters concerning COA Research & Manufacturing Limited Company (COA-RMLC).

For those unfamiliar with COA-RMLC's journey, it began in 2006 with the development of a ground-breaking formula. Fast forward to 2016, we received official registration from the Food and Drug Authority for our inaugural product, COA FS, initially classified as a food supplement for immune support.

Recognising its potential, the FDA reviewed COA FS in 2020, ultimately reclassifying it as a herbal medicine for general well-being. This pivotal shift led to the name change from COA FS (FS, meaning food supplement) to the now-familiar COA Mixture.

Over the years, COA Mixture has garnered a loyal following, impacting lives around the globe. Numerous positive testimonials we've received demonstrate its effectiveness in promoting general well-being and overall health.

However, innovation never sleeps. In 2023, we proudly expanded our product line by introducing COA Plus Mixture and COA MT Mixture. COA MT Mixture specifically targets malaria, while COA Plus Mixture targets the immune system.

While these advancements represent significant milestones, recent concerns raised by the public require our immediate attention.

We were informed of instances where individuals are exploiting the COA brand to promote and sell their products. These individuals approach our customers, claiming their products mirror the benefits of COA Mixture.

Some even fabricate stories about receiving training from Professor Duncan himself, implying that they have the same exclusive formula. They often lure customers with the promise of similar results at a lower price.

Let me be abundantly clear: the COA formula is unique and highly confidential. Only one individual has complete knowledge of the production process. The formula has never been shared with any third party.

Therefore, I urge you, our valued customers, to be wary of such misleading claims. Don't be deceived by these ploys. COA Mixture, produced with the utmost care and the strictest quality controls, is readily available through authorised distributors.

We understand that some consumers have raised concerns about the pricing of COA products. Let's delve into the factors at play.

Since its official registration in 2016, COA Mixture has consistently retailed for GHS100. While inflation has undoubtedly risen over the past seven years, we've chosen to absorb those costs. Why? We are inspired by the countless positive testimonials we receive from our users. We view COA Mixture as a valuable resource for global well-being, and we want it to be accessible to all.

However, it's important to acknowledge that COA, as the manufacturer, doesn't solely control the final price consumers pay. Some distributors may need to adjust prices slightly to cover their own operational costs. When such instances come to our attention, we work collaboratively with our distributors to ensure fair and reasonable pricing across the board.

COA Plus Mixture caters specifically to immune system support and is positioned as a premium product. The body's compromised natural defences make it susceptible to various illnesses. COA Plus Mixture steps in, providing the necessary support to regain strength and fight off harmful pathogens. Compared to COA Mixture, it contains additional ingredients to enhance its effectiveness.

Additionally, the production process for COA Plus Mixture is quite intricate and expensive. We've maintained a retail price of GHS200 per bottle since its pre-approval market introduction in 2023. This price remains consistent regardless of fluctuations in the cost of essential resources like electricity, fuel, and LPG.

There may be instances where you encounter slight price variations for COA products. Factors such as the cost of transporting the product to remote locations or the premium pricing of certain retail outlets can account for these variations.

However, COA-RMLC remains committed to price stability. We are constantly working to ensure that our products are accessible to the average Ghanaian citizen who prioritises their health and well-being.

COA MT Mixture, specifically formulated to address malaria, offers a different pricing perspective. Made with Neem, it's a tasteless product with a slightly pungent aroma due to the rigorous extraction process used to isolate the active ingredients. We've intentionally retained this aroma, believing it holds additional therapeutic properties.

Since its introduction late last year, COA MT Mixture has maintained a consistent retail price of GHS50.

Choosing the right COA product can be a breeze when customers understand their distinct strengths.

COA Mixture is formulated to promote general well-being. Whether the individual is feeling under the weather or simply seeking to maintain optimal health, COA Mixture can be a daily companion. It supports a healthy body by assisting with natural recovery processes and fostering optimal bodily functions.

For those seeking a powerful immune system boost, COA Plus Mixture is the answer. This innovative formula specifically targets the body's natural defense mechanisms. COA Plus Mixture supports the body’s immunity, empowering the body to fight off infections and illnesses.

Given their distinct purposes, we recommend using only COA Mixture or COA Plus Mixture at a time to maximise its effectiveness.

We've recently discovered unauthorised marketing materials falsely promoting COA Mixture and COA Plus Mixture as cures for various diseases, including cancer, kidney disease, and HIV/AIDS. It's crucial to understand:

COA Mixture and COA Plus Mixture are not registered cures. These not only violate FDA advertising regulations but also limit the true potential of our products. Their purpose is to support your well-being, not replace traditional medical treatment for serious illnesses.

We are actively collaborating with the FDA to identify and hold accountable those responsible for this false advertising. We pledge to provide consumers with precise details and guarantee responsible use of our products. Distributors who wish to develop advert materials should kindly contact our Public Relations Department for the needed guidance and support.

My research over the years has focused on developing plant-based cellular therapies. This translates to a unique extraction process that concentrates the active ingredients into a seemingly water-like solution.

Our vision is to further isolate these active ingredients and develop targeted medications for specific health conditions.

COA-RMLC is at the forefront of this exciting natural medicine future. We are currently in the research and development phase, and we invite interested stakeholders to join us on this ground-breaking journey.

Plant-based medicine holds immense potential for the future of quality healthcare. We encourage you to continue recommending COA Mixture, COA Plus Mixture, and COA MT Mixture.

Together, with responsible practices and continued research, we can make Ghana a global hub for innovative natural medicines".

Source: Maame Esi Nkebel


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