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Press Release:2021 Qualified Teachers, Licensure Examination And Fear And Panic

Press Release:2021 Qualified Teachers, Licensure Examination And Fear And Panic

  • Category: General
  • Date 13-07-2021

Administration of Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) has raised concerns about the status of their teachers in the face of teacher licensing regime.

“The leadership of GNAPS wishes to alley all fears and provide some education on what to do. The Education Regulation Body Act 2020 (Act 1023) mandates National Teachers Council (NTC) to enable qualified teachers acquire professional license. The minimum teacher qualification is a diploma in education which is obtained from the Universities and hitherto Colleges of Education. This is an ongoing
process and all school owners must be assured that NTC at this stage is collecting data of existing qualified teachers while steps are taken to license those who have passed their licensure examination”, GNAPS leadership schools members.

According to the leadership, to preserve the employment and wages of pupil teachers, going forward will require a clear understanding and a consented plan which can span a period of time especially as the Colleges have raised their minimum standard to a degree status. The leadership of GNAPS further explained that, the challenge to private school owners in this instance is how to get their qualified
teachers to obtain a teacher license.

“This new demand should not in any way create fear and panic. First, the teacher must have acquired qualifications in education from accredited institutions and the Teacher Licensure Examination. The whole thing therefore is a process and not an event. Please be further reminded that Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC), the body mandated to give accreditation to tertiary schools, has not
lowered their eligibility criteria or minimum entry requirement. Your teachers have the opportunity to apply to accredited Universities of education when the admission is opened to the public, usually between the month of February and April”, GNAPS leadership emphasized.
GNAPS leadership continued to enlighten its members on the means to enter into the Universities, that is:

 Meeting the minimum WASCE entry point usually a C or better.
 Matured students entrance reserved for persons who are 25 years or more but have passed the
entrance exams.
 Access course for persons who could not meet the above but are willing to take up a course of
study leading to an examination which qualifies them for admission.

Moreover, GNAPS leadership explained that, “the University of Cape Coast (UCC) under Continuous Distance Education (CODE) have used this means since 2003 since then the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) have done same for teachers who want to upgrade their professional status. The government of the day through the Ministry of Finance has met stakeholders; the universities, the
school Associations and regulators to assist our teachers upgrade through a fund that will be made available soon”

In view of all this, the leadership of GNAPS is advising all school owners to make provisions for adequate support and training of their teachers but must not be cowed into the whims and caprice of suspicious bodies who create fear and panic to dupe them.

“GNAPS continue to remain the Association of school owners by school owners and for school owners and will not sit down for others to exploit our unsuspecting members. You are further advised to be circumspect about giving your employee data to persons who call at your school to help your teachers acquire licenses. We are fully represented with NASIA and NTC and will inform you ahead of any such directives”, GNAPS leadership simplifies.

We thank you for your kind attention.

GNAPS! Raising the quality of Ghana’s education.

Justice King Essiel
(General Secretary)


Source: www.kantankatv.com

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