Kantanka to supply Africa with Organic food


Kantanka to supply Africa with Organic food

The Chairman of Kantanka Group of Companies,Founder and Leader of the Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana, Apostle Dr. Dr. Engr. Kwadwo Safo celebrated his 2018 edition birthday party on 19th August, 2018 at Gomoa Mpota in the central region during which he revealed part of his pan African agenda to supply Africa with organic food in few years ahead.

Apostle Dr. Dr. Kwadwo Safo hosted members of his Kristo Asafo Church and many dignitaries across the country and beyond led by his son the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of the Kantanka group of companies revealing his passion for Africa’s growth.

Speaking at the event, he said he came to redeem Africans from slavery thereby ensuring that all what he is doing liberates the interest of Ghana and Africa as a whole.

He continued that , though we were colonized by the British does not guarantee our culture and traditions to be entirely abandoned. Explaining further, he cited that, he is a Ghanaian; an Ashanti, therefore he needs not to speak English when preaching  but rather portray and promote his Akan language. Kantanka made this clear to Ghanaians and Africans as a whole to help preserve and promote our culture as duty.

The Africa Star as he is popularly known, stated that, the introduction of his emerging agriculture technology is to save lives as such initiatives did during the ancient times. This project comes with the objective of feeding Ghanaians and Africans in general with pure organic foods.  “Everyone want to grow old yet Western colonization has blindfolded us, leading Africans to bad foods consumption causing lot of lives lost on the continent hence we should go organic. he added.

Again, Apostle Safo said, one can identify who you are through what you wear; therefore we need to brand ourselves by projecting our African prints in order to promote our true identity.

Apostle Dr. Dr. Engr. Kwadwo Safo concluded that, his organic products will make impact on the continent and soon all nations will come to Africa for food if we are able to cultivate more.

Source: kantankatv.com (Adjei Nti Asenso)






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