President of the Ghana Union of Traders Association, Dr. Joseph Obeng, during the commissioning of the Central Regional branch of the Association, cautioned that if violence erupts before, during and after the knife-edged elections, commercial activities and the supply of goods and services would be interrupted.

The president entreated all political parties and supporters to exude peace and unity in the lead up to the general for a peaceful nation at the elections.

He advised that party members should note that in the event of any civil unrest which could subvert the country, companies are the most affected and may endanger the entire lives of citizens in the country and beyond

For a few headstrong politicians to contend with the lives of most Ghanaians, Ghana should not be looked down by forces to create problems for entities.

He warned, “Already ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, we can’t afford any more disaster to raid off responsible and cherished lives of our land

It is anticipated that the GUTA Central Regional Branch will streamline the trading community’s activities there and also decentralize the various programs and enabling trading resources needed for the survival and competitiveness of traders in the region.



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