By Piesie Nana-Yaw Safo

Former Chief of Defense staff and member of the 1981 PNDC government Brigadier General Nunoo-Mensah says the youth have to learn from the life of Former President Jerry John Rawlings.

According to the Brigadier, the late John Rawlings had extreme love for his country and went great lengths to prove it.

General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah was speaking with Kantanka Tv’s Abena Kyei Boakye on 12th November 2020’s edition of the ONE VOTE programme.

The calls come in the wake of sad news that the former president and Ghana’s longest running head of state had passed away earlier today.

Flt.Lt. Jerry John Rawlings’ made his last known public appearance at the burial of his own mother Madam Victoria Agbotui barely two weeks ago.

“He is dead and gone now”, Gen Nunoo-Mensah remarked. “The rest of us are here and are going to vote in the upcoming elections. The tussle and fights will not help us. Let’s learn from this man’s life for Ghana to move forward. Let’s think of the nation, not NPP and NDC. Some are speaking as if we are going to war. It’s not war. Most of our leaders loved Ghana just as Rawlings’ did. Let’s emulate this and not seek to destroy our country.”

The Former Member of the PNDC government which overthrew Dr. Hilla Limann’s government in 1981 Brigadier General Nunoo-Mensah also pointed out that the late Rawlings’ was only thirty-two (32) when he (Rawlings) became head of state and that “mistakes were bound to happen”.

However, none of these errors (no matter how small) detracted the general from respecting values that the late president lived for.


In Brigadier Gen. Nunoo-Mensah’s own words:

“I couldn’t cope with the works around his government (1979), so I   resigned. For 25 years I never spoke with him (Rawlings) but somehow, we came back together.

All he ever talked about was Ghana’s development. The coups he made were not for his personal interest. The lesson here for all leaders is to know that the NPP and NDC are here because of the people and not themselves.

Not even Kwame Nkrumah ruled for as long as Rawlings did. Let’s remember him for the good he did. He was human and bound to make mistakes”


Details of the late president’s funeral arrangements are yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, government has declared seven days of national mourning.

All national flags are also to fly at half-mast for the next seven days in every part of the country from Friday, November 13 according to the directive.




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