On Nketesia, a program that talks about ladies on Kantanka TV every Saturday
talked about Relationship with an Ex.

On the show the ladies decided to talk extensively on how marriage doesn’t change
men. Issues that are mostly not talked about.

Marriage does not change men, the only thing that can change a man is when he
decides to change. If someone who has been a flirt decides on his/her own that I
have lived this kind of life enough and I want to be focus, then they will change.

They don’t automatically change because they are married. If a man gets married,
he may calm down for a while but at the slightest opportunity old habits come out.

Again, they stated that a lot of women see men who likes to cheat and probably
even wrestled the man from another woman, get pregnant and believe the man will
change when they get married. Hardly happens that way. If you decide to marry a
man, you have two options, put him on a short leech this will mean you will
monitor the persons activities till u get high blood pressure or you let the person
mess around and turn a blind eye.

In addition, they said individuals quickly move to another relationship immediately
after a break up. They do this to hurt their exes; but if care is not taken, you will be
disappointed when you find out that the person you rushed in for, is not the right
partner for you.

In conclusion the ladies said, maturity is key in every relationship. Maturity is the
capacity to face unpleasantness, frustration, discomfort and defeat without complaint or collapse. Mature love partners knows that they can't have everything in their own way. They are able to defer to circumstances, to other people, and to time, when  necessary. They advised both men and women to make sure they practice maturity in their relationship.


SOURCE: | Duodu Eugenia


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