One of Ghana’s celebrated movie Producers, Frank Fiifi Garbin is advocating to financially support Kumawood Actor, Scorpion who has been in coma for weeks.

According to rumours, the popular kumawood Actor, Scorpion was shot in the waist by armed robbers in his house when he tried to confront the robbers as a way of saving his wife and children at that crucial moment and ended up in a coma.

But the popular movie Producer thinks otherwise and alleged that, Scorpion has been a target for assassination. He explained that even after the incident when Scorpion was hospitalized, the assassins attempted to end his life once and for all even at the hospital which made him believe some people are after his life.

Frank is however advocating for Scorpion to be provided with huge security at the hospital to protect him from those evil and dangerous people. He is also leading a crusade to financially support Scorpion’s hospital bills and other expenses he may incur as a way of showing love to him and contributing for him to stay alive.

“Don’t wait for him to die before showing your support and saying good things about him as some people did awarding Bishop Bernard Nyarko at his funeral when he was already dead and let’s show him love now”, the producer advocated.

When Frank Fiifi Garbin was asked  by Mona Gucci in an interview on the Linkup show on Kantanka TV about what the Actors Guild is doing for one of their own, Scorpion, he said this is the moment for the Actors Guild to intervene but they are being unreliable since even the Chairman for the Ashanti Regional branch of Actors Guild, Bill Asamoah is quite on Scorpion’s situation.

He then accused Bill Asamoah of being adamant on his colleagues’ situations and called for action from his colleagues in the movie industry. “Scorpion is a hero for trying to save his family thereby getting shot. These things normally happen in the roles he plays in  movies, fighting and saving people but it has happened in real life and I think he deserves to be applauded for that bravery”, Frank noted.

He then called on Kantanka TV to solicit for funds from it’s viewers in support of Scorpion to stay alive.

Scorpion is well known in Kumawood movies for his hardcore roles acting as a hero for saving others from wicked people and mostly seen in Kumawood fighting movies. He normally plays a role as what is popularly known as ‘blowman’ in movies.

SOURCE: www.kantankatv.co | Kwaku Amoateng Kyei


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