Ghanaian hardcore rapper Guru, known in real life as Maradona Yeboah Adjei has hit hard on Charter House, organizers of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) indicating that they award music Artistes to console or compensate them for what they have been fighting to earn not on merit.

According to the Lapaz Toyota hitmaker in an interview with Mona Gucci on Kantanka TV, radio presenter and one of the board members for VGMA, Nii Ayi Tagoe contributed to his removal from an award scheme after he charged on them about how they execute their job as board members for VGMA.

He continued that, “after I once received a VGMA award and went backstage, one of the members of the board which I won’t disclose his name said he believes am now happy to receive an award I have been advocating for. Infact I felt like I have been compensated for fighting to earn an award I deserve which shouldn’t have been the case”.

The rapper and fashion designer noted that the only thing that differentiate him and other musicians is awards because he hasn’t gotten enough awards from VGMA like others have but he has also had hit songs which made him recognized and relevant even in other African countries.

He further said that even though he agrees that, the new chaffs are doing well and deserve to be awarded for their hard work citing Kuami Eugene’s obiaato song for example as one of his all time favourite songs in Ghana, but he feels he is not appreciated in Ghana since he also worked hard over the years.

Guru who feels unappreciated for his hard work over the years said, if VGMA or any other music awards scheme continues to award the wrong people then the award scheme will fade out just like others. “We will leave this earth and sadly the next generation will repeat the same mistake we made when we were in charge and there will be no growth in the music industry”, he stated.

SOURCE: | Kwaku Amoateng Kyei


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