The CEO of BO regenerative Diagnostic Specialist Clinic, Dr. Boanerges K.N Nartey has enlightened viewers of Kantanka TV on bladder cancer.

During an interview session with Abena Kyei Boakye on the ‘Fontomfrom’ morning show, Dr. Boanerges stated that, the exact cause of bladder cancer is not known yet, but certain risk factors are linked to the disease, which includes: tobacco smoking and exposure to certain chemicals and gases.

Also, people with family history of bladder cancer have a high risk of developing the disease. According to him, the chances of being diagnosed with bladder cancer increases with age and more than 70% of people with bladder cancer are older than 65 years.

He further said, considering gender, Men are four times more likely to develop bladder cancer than women, but women are more likely to die from bladder cancer than men.

He however said, signs and symptoms of bladder cancer could be pain or burning sensation during urination, frequent urination, having the urge to urinate many times throughout the night but not able to urinate.

He continued that “in order to avoid bladder cancer, one needs to avoid exposure to certain chemicals at the workplace, workers at industries who use certain harmful chemicals should wear protective costumes and increase the intake of water”.

SOURCE: | Beatrice Gyan.


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