In the wake to make football better especially at the juvenile level, Juvenile Club Owners Association of Ghana (JUCOAG), has drawn the attention of the mother football governing body, Ghana Football Association (GFA) on how important juvenile football can be to the development of Ghana football thereby supporting them in all means to ensure that the “bring back the love of the game” slogan is achieved.

A statement read by the General Secretary of JUCOAG, Noah Gikunoo to the GFA indicates that, the GFA’s reluctant to fully assist juvenile football in a long run will affect Ghana Football since every successful football country develops its football from the juvenile level.

The statement of the General Secretary of JUCOAG follows:

“It is of no doubt about the foundation of Ghana’s football, the once untapped industry has moved from just passion to the level where strategic business models and good governance principles are now being inculcated into the schemes of the game we love.

Continents and Countries that woke up early to the realities of this business governance principles and doing things right, are now on top of the markings, they never pretended! In fact, invariably, countries that continue to pretend and ignore the contribution of every foundation cannot boast of successes off late in their game of football, they are now a pale shadow of themselves because the very foundation of their existence is being handled with a lukewarm attitude.

In Ghana, we had a huge sigh, that for once great attention is being accorded to that foundation and honestly landmark decisions which are likely to impart in this business good governance model have begun to be seen, however, what about the involvement of the main representatives of this foundation? Is it the case now, that “treatment medicine can be administered to a third party on behalf of the sick? A literal translation from an Akan adage “obi nnum aduro mma oyarefio”.

The height of pretences and dodgy lukewarm attitudes towards main actors or their representatives, coupled with the lack of doing things right, have always exposed maladministration and crumbled every good intended structure put on that inevitable foundation, no matter how beautiful the structure may look outside, the elements of the weather-wind, rain and heat will give such structures up! Because the foundation was not made strong but ignored, pretended to be serving it and taking care of it right.

We are all in this country, and witnesses to how our football has always been for the elite (Premier and Division One League Clubs) football, forgetting that the proper functioning of the foundation is what must reflect the actions seen at the top.

The body that is put right for better engagements and communication is Juvenile Club Owners Association of Ghana –JUCOAG, seeking the welfare and ensure juvenile football development models agenda sinks to the owners so that their interest are protected and accepted in coordinating affairs to see a new paradigm and strategic football development from the grassroots, has made all efforts to drive home views that are in line with changing the game, igniting necessary passion and creating wealth for all, seems to be scorned and ignored from the many approaches made to the managers of the game in Ghana to a significant extent.

We have made all the necessary contacts that must be made in putting forward all concerns relating to the main actors of juvenile football, we have honestly seen some indicators of assort, the fact is, why is it so difficult for the “mother body” GFA to fully put our rightful name which exist under law and correspond with us appropriately? Why is JUCOAG not included and invited even as observers’ statute to see and learn how things are organized at GFA congress? Is GFA serious about all-inclusiveness especially those who first discover the talents that the elite clubs take pride in?

We wish to send home vehemently, that Juvenile and grassroots football is a matter of right, for those interested and have fully given their all, in taken care of the ‘poor’ boys, orphans and those who must be encouraged like a father encouraging his child to fight hard to become successful, if this is the attitude of those at the top of management of our game , who do not see these things but only interest is in taken such boys at cheap value like the way the imperialist will do to the resources of Africa, if only there is a spirit behind football, in no time we shall be witnesses to the vengeance of the GAME.

It is very disappointing to be ignored when you are the foundation and from your resources the ‘elite’ clubs depend on to impress and are now clearly being denied the slice and juicy part of the cake when such painstakingly groomed boys reach their prime through a tactical legal gymnastics, it still remains as said by the good books, “if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do”. “The fathers have eaten and the teeth of the children are set on edge.”

Anybody of institution that fails to protect the interest of the vulnerable or the marginalized only sets itself to fail in the long run. We, members of JUCOAG, call for a sober reflection, a change of heart to embrace all and sundry that matter in the scheme of things in Ghana football rebuilding, the huge employment potential of this juvenile sector and the wealth value chain that must trickle down to all concerned for Ghana Football to win for all”.

JUCOAG hereby is calling on the new leadership of GFA to make juvenile football a priority in all their endeavours to ensure a better Ghana football.

SOURCE: www.kantankatv.com | Kwaku Amoateng Kyei


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