The Chief Executive Officer of Soul Health and Wellness Centre, Nana Okogyedom Ntim Barima, a usual guest on Kantanka TV’s ‘Fontomfrom’ morning show has disclosed that, over eating could contribute to liver problems.

According to him there are two major types of fatty liver disease which are alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases. He said mostly, the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is mostly common in people with obese.

He continued that one of the ways to treat fatty liver disease is by observing what is taken into the body. In his education, he listed some foods which are very nutritious to the body which includes fruits and vegetables, roughages, high-fiber plants like legumes and whole grains. He further added that, people with obese can consume more of sunflower oil or seeds, olive oil, green tea and garlic to help reduce weight which saves the liver from pressure that is to say all these are foods which are very good to the liver.

In addition, he cited that people with liver related problems normally experience skin or eyes that appear yellowish, swelling or itchy skin, loss of appetite, dark urine among others. The herbal Researcher then counseled that fatty foods should be avoided among consumables and rather stick to eating more of vegetables and fruits and also drink a lot of water to refresh the body and cleans the body off toxins which could be harmful to the body systems.


SOURCE: www.kantanka | Harriet Anaman


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