Citizen Eye Ghana is a Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana seeking for the welfare of people living in Ghana.

Since urban flooding has become a sensitive problem in parts of the major cities in Ghana especially Accra, Citizen Eye Ghana have added their stance to demolish all buildings in water-logged areas to aid in the prevention of flood which occurs every year adversely affecting livelihoods, properties, infrastructures, more importantly lives and renders many people homeless.

In Ghana, urban flooding has become one of the major threats to deal with. The rapid urbanisation of cities has also necessitated the demand for land. People with limited income who cannot afford housing in the flood-free areas tend to settle within the flood-prone areas which are mostly inexpensive. These people usually accept and cope with flooding because of limited alternatives.

Apart from destruction of properties and economic losses due to flooding, people living in flood areas are also at a high risk of contracting diseases such as cholera, malaria and hepatitis E.

The government of Ghana plans to deal with floods are being developed and implemented, however, it appears that effective implementation remains a challenge. Local government and residents may play a role in dealing with urban flood but due to distrust and limited community engagements, these policy implementations have become weak.

This is why Citizen Eye Ghana is calling for a firm implementation of policies by the government of Ghana to demolish and cease all properties in these flood-prone areas so that there would not be future flood issues in the country.

Speaking on flood control in an interview with Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim on Ghana’s favourite morning show, ‘Fontomfrom’ on Kantanka Television on Tuesday, the President of Citizen Eye Ghana, Alex Kwaku Tetteh and his compatriot Operations Manager, Akonoba Nana Boadu, advised the government of Ghana to avoid discrimination on their part in dealing with people in these areas and take a bold decision backed by law to end the flooding situation in the country once and for all.

Source: | Kwaku Amoateng Kyei


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