Research indicates that ulcers are sores that are slow to heal. They can take many forms and can appear both on the inside and the outside of your body. They can be found in places of the body that can be seen, such as a leg ulcer found on the skin, or in places that cannot be seen, such as a peptic ulcer in the lining of the stomach or upper intestine. From the eye to the foot, can be affected just about anywhere on your body.

Injuries, diseases, and infections can cause them. What they look like depends on where you have them and how you got them. While some go away on their own, others cause serious problems if not treated on time.

 Saliva is one of human biggest foes in the COVID-19 pandemic as research shows that this virus is airborne because of its role in spreading such as saliva exchange with infected person, but the C.E.O of Natural Way Herbal Clinic, Dr. Wiafe Akenten has made a shocking revelation that, ulcer can also be transmitted through the exchange of saliva just like the way Covid-19 can be transmitted through saliva.

According to Dr. Wiafe, ulcer can be transferred from an infected person to the other when there is exchange of saliva as far as one has the ulcer virus which many people are ignorant about. Again, he explained that, one of the modes of transmission through which people can contact the ulcer bacteria is through kissing an infected person, long hours of fasting and irregularities in food consumption as in not eating the necessary diets needed at a particular time.

In his education, he listed some common foods which can expose one from being infected with the ulcer bacteria such as the intake of lime or diluted lime on an empty stomach, excessive intake of garlic and eating fatty and spicy foods when one has mild ulcer but proper routine can aid in its eradication.

Some of the proper routines for the eradication of ulcer he stated are the consumption of foods rich in alkalinity such as fresh and treated plantain leaves and not acidic materials. Dr. Wiafe further said ulcer is not a chronic disease though it takes a long time to cure it. He educated the populace in a discussion on Ulcer on Ghana’s favourite morning show at the moment, ‘Fontomfrom’ on Kantanka Television on Tuesday.

Source: www.kantankatv.com | Kwaku Amoateng Kyei


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