Chartered Economist and business consultant, Dr. Ebenezer Mensah Ashley has said that though the government of Ghana is doing its best to fight the covid-19 pandemic but it lacks modernized hospital equipment and facilities which can help combat the pandemic and reduce the rate at which the virus is spreading.

Citing an instance, Dr. Ashley mentioned that, South Africa has been the first on the African continent to be hit with cases of covid-19  followed by Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal in that order but Ghana has overtaken these countries in terms of cases and has now become the 5th in Africa with high cases of covid-19.

Speaking to Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim on Kantanka TV morning show, ‘Fontomfrom’, Dr Ashley emphasized that, Ghana has been ranked 60th in global combat of covid-19 due to lack of modernized hospital infrastructure which is causing the virus to spread fast

According to him, the covid 19 pandemic is spreading like wildfire around the world which has affected over 258 countries globally. “The unpreparedness of the covid-19 pandemic has financially cost Ghana alone about GH₵236 billion debt so you can imagine how much this pandemic has financially cost other countries”. He disclosed.

He however expressed his displeasure in how Ghana is suffering due to the lack of state of the art medical facilities and equipment to help isolate and quarantine covid-19 patients and combat its spread.

He then urged the general public to adhere to the safety precautionary measures put in place by the world Health Organization and the government of Ghana and believe that covid-19 pandemic really exist and affecting many lives globally.

Source:|Kukua Bentil


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