Ghana government given 7 strong recommendations to fight coronavirus


Ghana government given 7 strong recommendations to fight coronavirus

In the face of panic and grave concern over the wild spread of the Coronavirus (COVID 19), many countries have put in massive measures to ensure the safety of their citizens and indeed, in some countries, to prevent the illness from crossing their borders.

In West Africa, the disease has so far affected three countries, with one case each recorded in Nigeria, Egypt and Algeria.

Ghanaian authorities have since indicated their readiness to combat the virus in the face of any eventualities, with measures including border and airport checks, provision of hotline services, budget allocation, quarantine centers and personnel training.

But the OneGhana Movement, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), believes there is much more to do. Though they commended government for their efforts, they noted with concern, that these are inadequate to deal with any potential outbreak.

Anticipatory interventions, according to them, “should of necessity address issues of infrastructure, strategy, personnel, mobilisation and education.”

As such, they have these 7 recommendations the believe will help prepare the country and better equip it to deal with the situation:

1. An Inter-Ministerial (Aviation, Health, Education, National Security) management to work a functional nexus to coordinate, manage, and control a possible national outbreak.

2. A comprehensive national Covid – 19 Awareness program to sensitize and help prepare the population psychologically.

3. An enhanced preparedness of designated Covid-19 detention and management centres.

4. An enhanced readiness of diagnostic centres including the Noguchi Memorial Institute.

5. Training and re-tooling of more health personnel for Covid – 19 combat and control in preparation of a possible spread to Ghana.

6. Anticipatory stocking of Covid – 19 management and control kits, particularly as the global situation signifies acute shortages in many of the affected locations.

7. An official announcement by government detailing its responses and measures to the foregoing.



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