’I am not on social media’ – Foreign Minister cautions public against impersonators’


’I am not on social media’ – Foreign Minister cautions public against impersonators’

The minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Madam Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey has lamented the prevailing rate at which some unscrupulous persons are duping innocent persons through the impersonation of government officials on social media.

Addressing some members of the Ghanaian community in Russia during a working visit, the minister said the usage of social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn by fraudsters to dupe individuals looking for visas, jobs and other opportunities is one that has become widespread and worrying.

“Let me use this opportunity to talk about something that has become very prevalent. And that is the impersonation of government of officials. Let me say that of late, people have been duping people on Facebook and LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.” She said.

She revealed her absence on social media and cautioned the public against social media accounts that engage them using her identity. “I am not on any social media platform, anybody who comes chatting with you is not me. And therefore if you go and pay any money for visa; I don’t give visa. I don’t have any control over any foreign embassy to instruct them to give visas.” She declared.

She added that whiles she can point out job opportunities to members of the public, she does not have access to any jobs as being insinuated by her impersonators.

“I don’t have access to any jobs, I can point you in the right direction.” She said.

She cautioned the public on engaging suspicious social media accounts as she is not the only government official whose identity is being used by fraudsters to defraud innocent persons.



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