The Ghana India Trade and Advisory Chamber (GITAC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Runn Free Technology, a US-based software development company now based in Ghana that provides businesses continent wide with custom technology solutions to provide digital healthcare and other business development opportunities under its multiple business units in a press launch in Accra.

Ghana, a growing investment hub on the Africa continent is making room for business development opportunities through agencies and institutions like the Ghana India Trade and Advisory Chamber (GITAC) with its development partners such as Runn Free Technology.

Runn Free Technology is an application development company that combines technological expertise, specific domain experience, and passion for excellence to deliver enterprise-grade solutions. The company is a perfect technology partner, helping businesses to accelerate the development of desktop, mobile & web-based apps with developers that focus on moving businesses forward. Runn Free Technology Ghana Ltd. has Day Kare(Emergency & Non-Emergency transport service), Day Wallet and Day Runner as part of its portfolio. Runn Free Technology Ghana Ltd. The company also has partnerships with Cinergy Realty, Kaiser Global Health Limited and the Accra Hearts of Oak.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Ghana-India Trade Advisory Chamber (GITAC) and Runn Free Technology is with the objectives to assist the US based technology company with forming strategic partnership in business. This is also for the advancement of strengthening relationships between India, Ghana and the US as it rightfully so being the year of return. After hearing Mr.Walker’s CEO of Runn Free Technology story, Mr. Dominic Oduro-Antwi (the President Of GITAC), only saw it fitting to make Mr.Walker the Ambassador Rep. for GITAC, for relations pertaining to US businesses with a desire to move to Ghana.

Cinergy Realty’s goal is to make home ownership a reality for the Diaspora and Day Kare drivers all over the country. With our collaborations, we will be giving away plots of land to Runn Free drivers to build the home of their dreams at an affordable rate that they can finance over an agreed period of time.

We also focus primarily on the Diaspora and the Day Wallet technology offered by Runn Free Ghana to make it possible to receive payments from those looking to purchase a home currently living abroad. As a collective, our aim is to help those in the diaspora to have a payment solution that they can transfer money to the realty company and/or builder and not have to send money directly to family members and friends to handle their affairs. We have seen how that has turned out over the years.

More importantly our partnership with Runn free technology gives us the ability to ensure that when those from the diaspora return home, they have immediate employment as Runn Free has agreed to employ those qualified in certain areas in one of their many platform departments.

Our goal is to bring the best possible health and transportation service to Ghanaians all over the country. With our collaborations, we intend to make health insurance possible at an affordable rate while providing excellent service through the integration of technology offered by Runn Free Technology Ghana. As a collective, our aim is to keep all Ghanaians healthy and alive at the end of the day.

Countless lives are lost because Ghanaians don’t know where or how to quickly access emergency services and some are not able to afford the high cost of health insurance. Thanks to Kaiser Global Health Limited and Runn Free working together, that is a thing of the past. Our members and partner institutions can get emergency and non-emergency transport as well as pharmacy deliveries at an affordable rate. Institutions can also get labs supplies delivered by our drivers trained in the proper handling of blood and other bio-hazards.

The Accra hearts Of Oaks is one of Ghana’s favorite sports team with 8,000,000 phoebians, many of these fans reside outside the Republic of Ghana but still support their team. By partnering with Runn Free Technology, Mr.Walker’s Day Wallet will serve as a conduit for phoebians abroad to be able to transfer payment at no cost and purchase replica items at promotional prices only available through Day Wallet. The Day Kare platform and the Hearts Of Oak are also partnering to bring health awareness across Ghana where the Hearts Of Oak will travel around Ghana with a branded coach provided courtesy of Runn Free technology to educate schools about the importance of remaining healthy.

In the press briefing Mr.Walker’s CEO of Runn Free Technology assured the press of a quality service delivery and sustainable business development to create employment opportunities for the Ghanaian youth. He also assured the general public of their credibility after meeting standards and acquiring certification from business regulatory bodies in the country especially the Ghana health service.

Mr. Dominic Oduro-Antwi, the President Of GITAC, thanked the press and promised a fruitful partnership and sustainable business growth between two both parties.

Source: / Kofi Obuobi


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