FIFA imposes life ban on Botswana official for bribery


FIFA imposes life ban on Botswana official for bribery

Mooketsi Kgotlele, the former general secretary of the Botswana Football Association, was banned by soccer’s world governing body, FIFA, on Monday.

The disgraced onetime BFA chief was also fined 50,000 Swiss francs ($51,000/€45m500) by the Zurich-based organization.

The lifetime ban was imposed because Kgotlele “accepted bribes in relation to the manipulation of international matches,” FIFA reported.

Proceedings against Kgotelele began last September: “The formal ethics proceedings … stem from an extensive investigation into various attempts to manipulate international matches for betting purposes by Wilson Raj Perumal, a known match-fixer,” according to FIFA.

Perumal, based in Singapore, was given a two-year jail sentence by a Finnish court in 2011 for bribing players and referees to fix matches.

FIFA did not name specific games, but reported that the ethics violation related to its 2006 code.

The ban on Kgotlele covers all football-related activities, including administrative, sports or anything else at the national and international level.


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