Ghana Chess Association Holds 9th President Cup Chess Championship


                                                                      Ghana Chess Association Holds 9th President Cup Chess Championship

Ghana chess association holds the 9th edition of the President’s cup chess championship in Accra as its token of promoting chess in Africa. The championship saw competitors from other African countries including Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Sierra-Leone and Ghana competing for the ultimate price GH₵2,000, a trophy and other mouthwatering prices.

A Nigerian born Chess player, Lapite Oluwadurotimi trill everyone present at the event with his magnificent thinking performance winning the ultimate overall best chess player at the just ended 9th President’s Cup Chess Championship.

Kantanka Sports in an interview with the winner of the Ghana Chess Association’s 9th President’s cup chess championship, Lapite Oluwadurotimifrom disclosed that, chess is a nice and interesting game that is why he joined and will continue to play chess till the end of time. He then recommended chess to every sports person to try their hands on in order to enjoy the benefit it brings.

The Ghana Chess Association Vice President, Christine Ashely speaking with Kantanka sports indicated that, chess is a game which ensures intelligence and that is one of the benefits of playing chess. According to her anyone who plays chess becomes more intelligent for the rest of his or her life.

She also said, chess is really good for students as it makes them think very well before doing something so any teacher who will say a chess player is not intelligent at school does not know what he or she is saying.  “I will entreat everyone to join the chess family because the Ghana chess Association is very well determined making sure chess becomes big in Ghana like it is in the western world”, she added.

Story by: Kwaku Amoateng Kyei


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